Community Guidelines

The goals of this platform is to help event organisers deliver a great ticketing service, connect people with amazing experiences, advocate for more inclusive and safer events for all.

As a privacy conscious company your personal data is important to keep private and our cookie free analytics keeps you anonymous while browsing our site.

We want to instill carbon awareness into everything we do including our community. We are creating a platform that is carbon efficient without the need for any of our users to do anything other than use us.

Banned Event Content

  1. Illegal Substances

    We do not allow events that sell, give or promote the use of illegal drugs to event goers. Including any banned substances by the UK government, use of prescription drugs not prescribed by a doctor and ‘legal highs’.

  2. Adult Content

    We do not allow events that show, promote or link to pornography or sexual content.

  3. Violent Content

    We do not allow events that show, promote or link to any violence that isn’t sanctioned by official sport regulators.

  4. Misinformation

    We do not allow events that show, promote or link to any misinformation. We want our users to be informed and respectful of others opinions however misinformation will not be tolerated.

  5. Hateful Content or Harassment to an Individual or Group

    We do not allow events that show, promote or link to hateful views or rhetoric. That includes known terrorist groups. Any views that are encouraging violence, harassment or hate towards any individual or group of people with any protected characteristic.

  6. Weapons

    We do not allow events that sell, give or promote the use of illegal weapons. Any legal weapons must have the appropriate licences and with an appropriate audience.

  7. Illegal Activities

    Promoting or engaging in illegal activity is prohibited content at any event. This includes but is not limited to cyber crime, trespassing or selling alcohol without a licence.

  8. Scams

    We do not allow events that show, promote or link to scams. These include but are not limited to pyramid schemes, fake goods and services. Any event found to be running a scam especially one that targets a vulnerable group will result in an immediate ban and reported to the police.

  9. Gambling

    We do not condone gambling on this platform therefore any gambling related content will not be allowed at any of our events.

  10. Negligence

    We do not condone event organiser negligence at any of the events we have on our platform. If you have a safeguarding concern that has not been addressed by the event organiser then please report it.

  11. Competitions, Giveaways and Raffles

    Competitions, giveaways or raffles that are unsolicited or without expressed permission of the user are not allowed. They need to have the expressed permission of the participant who is eligible to enter.

Reviewing Practices

Any events not adhering to the community guidelines will be banned. Multiple infractions may result in a user ban.

If you believe that any of the guidelines have been broken then please report it to us by emailing [email protected]. We will be sure to be in contact with you about the matter and inform you of the resolution. If we have found our community guidelines have been broken then we will take the action we deem appropriate to the infraction.

Building a Community

We want everyone to feel welcome on this platform. In order to build this community we will engage our audience on social media and take feedback from our users as the platform grows. If there is something we can do to make your ticketing experience better, we’re here to listen please email: [email protected] with any ideas about the future of the platform.


We will only partner with companies and charities that align with our values. If you feel your company or charity could help to improve the platform through a partnership then please reach out at [email protected].

Carbon Values

We believe change comes from people and it’s doing what we can, when we can. This platform was built from the start to be better and use less carbon. Every active decision we make when we can reduce carbon, we have.

We think positively advocating for lower carbon usage is a really effective tool for change. We’ll never tell you how to live your life but we will give you a carbon responsible platform to use with the knowledge we are doing our best to not only reduce the carbon usage but to offset what we can’t reduce on your behalf.

If you have questions on how you can reduce your carbon, we will be putting out general resources to help you or your business do that if you would like to.